echo buds: amazon echo buds review

echo buds review


  • Affordable prices
  • Great noise reduction
  • Good, comfortable fit
  • Hands-free Alexa
  • Great sound quality


  • Average battery life
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Limited touch control

echo buds are the company’s first wireless earbuds. Headphones are affordable, reliable, and provide excellent sound reduction. Sound quality and battery life leave a lot to be desired compared to the competition. amazon echo earbuds are the company’s first foray into making true wireless headphones with Alexa. Echo buds exceeded my expectations, and some excitement was guaranteed. If your budget is limited, eco buds are a great option.


Amazon Echo buds price only $ 129. That is a pretty aggressive price compared to what manufacturers like Sony, Jaybird, Google, Microsoft, and other earbuds are charging. If you are looking for a new Amazon Echo buds, this might be the best choice. They offer smart features like Active Hands-Free Alexa. That is incredibly attractive and competitive, the price point.


You were expecting Alexa to be a standout feature. These include Bose’s proprietary noise reduction technology (ANR) to eliminate outside noise. Echo Bud’s ANR features, and reliability making it a great pair of headphones for beginners in the truly wireless space. But the average battery life of the headphones, the irresistible touch controls, and the pure sounds are the best-in-class awards.

At aglance echo budsamazon-echo-buds

  • Premium speaker drivers convey fresh, unique sound—Bose Active Noise Reduction innovation and fixed in-year configuration limit the foundation commotion.
  • Hands-free with Alexa – Works with the EchoBoads Alexa app to stream music, play audio audiobooks, make calls or get directions – just
  • Access other assistants – Supports access to Siri or Google Assistant from supported devices – Just press and hold your earbuds.
  • Long-lasting battery – Get up to 5 hours of music playback per charge, up to 2 hours with 15 minutes quick charge, and up to 20 hours for charging.
  • Customizable Fit for Better Sound – 3 size ear tips help to create a comfortable ear seal for listening to immersion.
  • Practice Ready – Sweat-resistant with a secure fit made to move with you.
  • Alexa is always getting smarter, and adding new skills – request rideshare, get a guide workout or order dinner, all hands-free.
  • Ensure your security – Built with various layers of protection insurance and control, including the capacity to quiet a blend in with the Alexa application.

Echo buds Design

The earbuds are made of plastic and feature both matte and gloss black. Each bud has a touch-sensitive button on the Amazon Alexa application (which can be reprogrammed to do more in different cases). Touch controls are great, but for whatever reason, the default commands are entirely unobtrusive. Headphones only detect double taps and long presses, which means you won’t be able to control everything you like. You need to control music playback, activate your phone’s assistant, perform a tangle enroll, and choose between a toggling pass. Each other single button’s true wireless headphones allow single, double, triple, and long presses to control more features.

Amazon’s small, medium, and large tips help you find the best fit. The company has provided silicone “wings” to stabilize the headphones in your ear. Headphones will be protected in your ear without wings, even when running. It’s sweat-resistant IPX4-rated with a secure fit.

The charging case is somewhat larger, almost the same size as the Apple AirPods Pro. Three additional charges are featured, giving a total of 20 hours of playback. Disappointingly, the case has a micro USB charging port instead of the ubiquitous USB-C port. Below is a button that lets you light a single LED in the case to let you know the charge level.


Let’s talk about Echo Bud’s headline feature: Active Noise Reduction (ANR). Unlike active noise cancellation (ANC), ANR is not as effective as creating a sense of silence. It does a great job of reducing noise from the outside world. We’ve got the Echo Bud’s ANR more effectively than the ANC on some other truly wireless headphones. The Echo buds already do a great job with listening to isolation, creating an excellent seal. The ANR is capable, voice, and tick the lower drum of a train in the background.

In terms of sound quality, amazon alexa earbuds leave a lot to be desired. The bass is heavy-handed and sloppy Mids are not too affected by excessive shading. It lacks resolution across frequency ranges. The highs rolled off, which helps the headphones never sound exhausting, but it does provide a flurry of cymbals and fiddles. For non-audiophiles, the sound will be acceptable. Even the budget Earfun Free and Creative Outlet’s Air Sound are even better.

The EchoBuds mic is ​​better than voice commands, but you need to raise your voice in a noisy environment. For calls, they sound secure with callers heard precisely. The audio quality, however, is reminiscent of having a speakerphone. In terms of battery life, we get Amazon claims 5 hours of playback charge right around the clock, playing music at 50% volume monitoring every four and a half hours. The case offers an additional three charges for a combined total of about 20 hours of playback. Generally, it’s an adorable pair of earbuds at a price point. It’s a set of features that make you wonder how Amazon can sell these.

Alexa integration

Since Echo buds are an Amazon product, Alexa combination is amazingly cool. The headphones are always listening for Alexa commands. You don’t have to press a button to access the assistant. The best part is that you don’t have to use Alexa at all. Alexa Application If you want to activate with a press, you can select any helper. The bad news? That does not mean that Alexa is the only assistant that can be activated with Hotword instead of Long-Press.

ECHO BUDS SETUPHow to Setup echo buds

It doesn’t take long to add echo buds to your mobile device. It’s as simple as opening a charging case and holding the pair button for several seconds. Once the indicator light of the amazon echo buds case is glowing blue, it’s time to go to your device’s Bluetooth menu and select Echo buds. The process took about 5 seconds on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Now to take full advantage of the buds, you want to reinstall the Alexa app. Launching the app it took about 10 seconds to add buds to the app.

Echo Buds controls 

Each Echo Bud has a shiny touch panel just waiting for you to get involved. Out of the box, both buds switch between active noise reduction (ANR) and passthrough modes with double-tap. Alexa will summon by pressing and holding the panel. You can change the functionality of the Alexa app. You can skip another voice assistant, mute microphones, play/pause, or track. Speaking of assistants, EchoBuds are compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, and of course, Alexa.

Audio Quality

Amazon may be good at creating speakers, but the company will have to go back to EchoBuds’ lab. They do not say bad; They’re not good enough to compete with genre’s heavy-hitters. I noticed a difference between the Echo Buds and the Sony WF-1000XM3 compared with the volume next. Amazon’s wireless earbuds are much quieter. It’s not like the ANC higher than the Bose headphones initially.

That excellent presentation continued as you heard Raheem Devaughn’s “Guess Who You Loves You” by Echo Buds. A boomy bass greeted him with hair like my trumpet interfering with the rest of the track. It has been distracted by the finer points of the song, especially the keyboard notes.

Echo buds perform best on tracks without massive lows. I listened to every part of the track in Evanescence’s “My Immortal,” as Amy Lee’s crisp background vocals and violin flowed as they sank. Nevertheless, Sony’s earbuds have provided even warmer intimate performances. The fiddle played something sweet, and it felt like I was close to the music. The AirPods Pro buds split the baby, producing bright highs, which benefited the homeless. However, the mids and lows were just a little bit flat.

The Echo Buds on Da Baby’s “Pony” were some quiet riots, but in this case, it was a good thing. The baseline of this song has the potential to sink the rest of the track. In the Echo buds, I could hear the recorder and drum machine and the baby’s undulating flow at the bottom. The lower parts of the AirPods Pro were very controlled, which meant the sounds from the recorders, castanets, and piano were beautiful and bright.

Call Quality

There is still a way to cancel the noise when calling earbuds. I called my colleague on a busy street in New York City. At Echo Buds, I could hear him fairly. Then he heard something dim. He made the same criticism about me. He mentioned that he could not hear any background noise except the passing bus.

I changed the bud and called from the WF-1000XM3 and got similar results. The caller in my test was clear, but his end was a bit shaky. However, I was surprised when he commented that he could hear me standing at the end — going with an ambulance as well. We both preferred the AirPods Pro, which did a great job closing most NYC chords while delivering loud, clear audio. Overall, he said that no buds gave any flawless performance. However, AirPods Pro was the clear winner, leaving Echo Buds behind.


With no physical buttons, you tap on the smooth outer surfaces of the EchoBuds to control its various functions. The Alexa app gives you the ability to assign different tasks to each earbud. But you’ll only get two interactions: a double-tap and a long-press.

Double-taps are very effectively-recognized, but I’ve had some issues with long-presses. The trick is to treat the first part of the long press as a tap – a gentle touch will not work. I prefer to keep single or triple-tap instead of long-press. However, Amazon has told me that its chosen combo is very deliberate. After the call arrives, a double-tap will answer or end the function, regardless of the function, you set to double-tap.

You can choose from standard media playback controls (play/pause, skip forward / backward). But there is no way to adjust the volume – something that is also missing in many leading true wireless earbuds. Not like some other wireless earbuds, but you can ask Alexa to adjust the volume for you.

You can also flip (on and passthrough) through Bose ANR modes or use an interactive “passthrough and pause” function. It simultaneously pauses your music and lets you hear your surroundings. One of these tap actions is also Google Assistant. (Android device) or Siri (iOS device).

Hands-free Alexa

Big deal hands-free Alexa access with EchoBuds. Once you’ve set things up in Alexa applications, you can issue a voice command without touching anything. Just say “Alexa” and wait for a chime. Then ask a question or say an order precisely as if you were talking to another Amazon device.

As long as the Echo buds connected to your phone and your phone has an Internet connection, Alexa will provide almost all of the functions available to the Echo smart speakers. These include checking the weather and traffic, calendars, and to-do lists. Intelligent home devices control and utilize various third-party capabilities — answering questions for standard information, such as calling a cab or ordering a pizza. Alexa will also play audiobook and Amazon music from Audible, iHeartRadio, Pandora, TuneIn, and Tide.

Other audio applications can play via Bluetooth through earphones, but you’ll need to use your phone. After syncing your contacts with Amazon, you can also use Alexa to dial phone numbers or send texts. Ask Alexa to look for a location. It will provide walking directions (because you should not wear earphones while driving).

Battery Life

If there is a field that fails to induce echo buds, this is their battery life. Amazon claims the charge every five hours, which is below the current options. If you turn on the Bose ANR and use the awake word for Alexa, I’ve seen like four and a half hours. The charging case is suitable for three recharges, giving you the ability to use almost an entire day before looking for any available USB power source.

That’s probably enough for most people, but we’d love to see Amazon pump these numbers up a bit in the next version. The charging case itself is compact enough to fit most pockets and seems to be well built. The clamshell design, however, is a bit complicated to open and close with one hand. Echo buds take up just the right amount of magnetic pull to place them in the charged contacts. Tie them securely until you get them out.

Echo buds vs. Samsung galaxy buds

Being a true wireless earbud there are many similarities between Galaxy buds and echo buds. Both of these feature auto-pause / play when you remove an earbud or put one back, respectively, and the required charging case is relatively small and should fit in most people’s pockets. Both crowns feature ear designs that require silicone tips and include different ear tip sizes in the box.

Battery life will be the biggest differentiator between the two earbuds. Galaxy buds last up to six hours on their own but echo buds net you five hours. Spending an hour is no big deal but in terms of charging where the echo beds go. The Echo Buds case enables you to add up to 15 additional hours of listening time to add seven to the song’s Galaxy Bud.

However, Galaxy Buds have the edge over how you charge your earbuds. It provides USB-C for wired charging, and wireless charging is enabled, while the EchoBuds use the old micro-USB connector and does not offer any wireless charging.

Sound quality is tough on both buds. Not both are great, but both are just as good as their own. There is almost no shortage of galaxy buds, while the mids, on the other hand, are relatively neutral. The lower and middle treble is dull, and the upper treble slightly increased, which means that the echo buds can be somewhat porous and sharp.

The echo buds take on sound quality a bit differently with the overall punchy bass that is over-sized by the right margin. The mids are neutral, flat, and natural, giving the trigger a bit less, giving the EchoBuds an overall warm and dark sound.Echo buds vs. Samsung galaxy buds


Echo buds are a great value. It has its absolute number of useful features like hands-free Alexa access and great Bose ANR that make these significant purchases. For those who have got the first pair of true wireless headphones, the amazon echo buds are the right choice. The battery life and sound are enough to make the happiest. Echo buds come with a one-year warranty from Amazon.

They charge via micro-USB instead of USB-C. Anker’s soundcore is Liberty Air 2, which seems to be useful immediately. It has a better battery life and call quality and includes USB-C charging for $100. That is the only rub with echo buds. The Echo buds price $130 is reasonable – it’s not a bad thing at all.



Are echo buds any good?

The Good The Amazon Echo Buds sound great, have hands-free Alexa and Bose noise-reduction technology. They are sweat-resistant, comfortable fit, and work well to call. In a lousy listening environment, you can never activate Alexa with your voice. You charge the beds via micro-USB instead of USB-C.

Are echo buds made by Bose?

During today’s hardware event, Amazon has made a high point about it that the all-new $ 129.99. Echo Buds incorporates Bose technology to reduce their active noise and cut noise around. … Bose’s dynamic noise-canceling technology is only available on Bose headphones.

What are Echo buds?

Amazon’s new Echo Buds is the company’s first wireless earbud. They put Alexa in your ear. These include Bose’s proprietary noise reduction technology to help eliminate external noise. And the most surprising part is how good they look.

Do echo buds work independently?

Amazon also says that buds are sweat-resistant. While earbuds primarily designed to work with iOS and Android devices, they can also connect to laptops.

Are echo buds better than AirPods?

Echo Buds offers Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which is powered by Bose. … but it is much better than AirPods. It does not have any noise detachment. They also do not have rubber tips to aid in passive isolation.

Are echo buds waterproof?

Best answer: No, Amazon Echo buds are not technically waterproof. They can, notwithstanding, handle a strong sweat-soaked exercise or light downpour when there’s no other option.  But don’t drown them!

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