Jabra elite active 75t review

Jabra elite active 75t : Jabra elite earbuds


  • Better fit, dynamic, lively sound
  • IP57 water resistance rating (fully waterproof)
  • 7.5 hours of battery life between charges
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Multipoint, USB-C Charging
  • HearThroughTransparency Mode (allows ambient noise to heard)


  • AAC only, no Aptx
  • No active noise cancelling

Jabra elite active 75t > The Jabra Elite 75T had a great set of Bud’s but had some drawbacks (such as buggy control, poor call quality). It wasn’t “virtually perfect”. Jabra launches its best-ever model Jabra Elite Active 75T. All these new sports buds fix almost everything that was wrong with the Elite 75t. Its signature features like lively, personalized audio and continuous battery life are intact. Better sound and waterproof protection, the best in the  jabra elite 75t active category. Competitively, Jabra elite active 75t price is 199 Dollars. Jabra elite active 75t release date February 23, 2020.

The Active 75t can immerse in water up to 1 meter deep for 5 minutes with waterproof. The result is that it’s one of the best wireless earbuds that you can easily buy. The Jabra Elite Active 75t is currently available on Amazon and the Jabra website for $ 199. It comes in three colours: Navy, Titanium Black and jabra elite active 75t copper black (Amazon Exclusive). Other colours will hit store shelves in the spring of 2020, like Gray (March), Sienna (April) and mint (April), respectively.

At a glance active 75t jabra-elite-active-75t

  • Protected Active Fit – Examining compact design for extra grip coated secured fit. Waterproof durability – IP57 rated protection against dust and sweat with 2 years.
  • More power, more freedom – up to 7.5 hours of battery and up to 28 hours with the charging case.
  • Stay safe while you are practising outside – HearThrough mode lets you enclose ambient noise and choose how much background noise you want to hear
  • Make your music your way – make sure you like your music with a customizable equalizer available in the Jabra Sound + app.
  • Great calls, anywhere – 4-microphone technology for excellent call quality no matter where you are. Easy access to your voice assistant – Direct access to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

Elite Active 75t Design

Jabra elite active 75t shares the same striking aesthetics and silhouette as the Elite 75t. That is 22% smaller than the Elite Active 65t. An essential design element here is the IP57 rating. These buds designed to be waterproof, as well as dustproof and sweat resistant. That means that you are going to get long-term use out of them until you put them in the ocean. We also love the built-in magnets on the interior that allow you to link the buds together.

There was never an issue with the fit of the Elite Series. It has changed very little. That’s because the Elite Active 75t offers some excellent on-ear durability and grip control while adjusting correctly to the ear. The true hero of this could be Silicon / Gel Tips. It creates an attractive, tight seal and absorbs the sweat well to prevent trailing. The Jabra Elite Active 75t also weighs just 0.19 ounces. It makes an ultra-feather weight alternative, which will not strain your ears or pockets.

You will find three sets of ear silicon tips (EarGels-S, M, L) in different sizes. After using them for 2 to 3 hours daily didn’t feel tired. Inside you’ll find a USB-C charging cable of 300mm. Interestingly, there are more colours available than accessories for Navy – Navy, Titanium Black and Copper Black.Compare-Jabra-Elite

Active 75t Digital Assistant

The Elite Active 75T benefits the most through the detection of two physical buttons and ears due to its small size. Both control schemes worked much better than the Elite 75t. An excellent click sound created on each button that ensured that I could execute the commands I ordered. The buds also register correctly. Auto paused the music and put it on the resume play.Active-75t-Digital-Assistant

Its controls have been touched. You will use the left key to enable/disable Hearthrough mode (1x press), forward track (2x press), previous track (3x press) or lower volume (long press). The right one will be used to play/pause music and answer/end calls (1x press), digital assistant (2x press) or volume up (long press). The digital assistant integration on these buds is also more efficient than the Elite 75t. Alexa, Siri and Google Play are registered. They responded quickly to my voice commands.

Call experience is another great feature that you will not want to accept. Because it optimizes the quality of calls by how loud and deep your voice is in calls, keep this in mind when trying to hold a conversation in a Rowdy setting. Other notable features of the app include Find my Jabra Mode mode to detect misplaced buds and toggle options for controls.

Jabra Active 75t performance

Jabra Sound + is one of my favourite headphone apps. It offers multiple unique practical features bundled in attractive interfaces; The built-in EQ remains a feature of the application. The listener can create different sound profiles, although most people will find the default sound profile to be high on their own. The Jabra’s Hearthrough dubbed with its private, transparent mode. It opens the soundstage to listen to what’s around you. That is an excellent solution for an outdoor runner—people who want to be more aware of their surroundings.

Another special mode of its application is soundscapes, which has 12 unique settings. Which makes you sound pretty relaxed. Jabra will be available on sound + via firmware updates – MyControls and MySound. The controls allow you to set restrictions on both earbuds for personal preference. Also gives the option of using an earbud for mono listening, which increases the battery life. MySound is another promising addition. It uses sound technology adapted to create a sound profile that suits your hearing.

At Elite Active 75t the soundstage is better balanced to create detailed and lively audio. The Elite Active 75t does a terrific job of reducing the fuzzy bass tone to a crisp listening. The volume is higher in these buds. That goes for all your EDMs and hip-hop lovers. The sound not distorted, but it comes out loud. It starts to hurt your ears and stops the Hearthrough. The great news is that listening at medium level volume provides excellent precision and tight bass.

Jabra Elite noise cancelling.

Deactivated noise cancelling is significantly effective on the  jabra elite 75t active. Jabra has replaced its four-microphone system. Each bud has a mic on the front and back to cancel out ambient noise from different angles. It is not capable of completely muting any construction site. However, even then, not the ANC-equipped AirPods Pro. The amount of reduction you get is fair. That enables the music to be heard peacefully in a moderately elevated environment.

Jabra-battery-lifeElite Active 75t Battery Life

Active 75t raises the juice levels too. Which has a 7.5-hour rating on a single charge. That is similar to the Elite 75t and 4.5 hours longer than the AirPods Pro. But that’s less than Powerbeats Pro (9 hours). Of course, the Jabra gives longer battery life than both Apple models. Promises 28 hours of listening time. It’s always best to measure this number by charging a cycle, which equates to about four full charges in the case of the Elite Active 75t. Something else to consider is the Elite 75t case can also be used to charge these buds. Although Jabra does not recommend doing this because “there may be some compatibility issues”.

Jabra Elite Active 75t connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 performs excellently. Android and Apple devices connect to Earbuds whenever I take out the charging case. The thing I liked the most was the multipoint technology, which allows seamless connection between two devices at once. That does not cause any problems when controlling playback. The buds also displayed secure connections to enjoy the music, about 50 feet away from my smartphone.

jabra elite active 75t vs elite 75t

The Jabra Elite Active 75t and the Elite 75t are truly wireless earbuds. Bluetooth codec support, firmware version, battery life, it’s all the same. The marked difference between the two headsets is durability. In essence, the Active model is waterproof to the IP57 rating and can submerge at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. It built to withstand a deadly workout or run in the rain. The models are available in various colour variants: Jabra Elite 75t Black, titanium black, and beige. While the Elite Active 75t is available in Navy, Titanium Black, Gray, Sienna, Mint and jabra elite active 75t copper black. The following is a comparison between the two for your consideration.jabra-elite-active-75t-vs-elite-75t

Elite Active 75t final verdict

The Jabra Elite Active 75t is a great set of durable earphones. The audio is full and warm, providing just the right amount of boom to kickstart your workouts without compromising on the mids and highs. Battery life (both on a single charge and in the charging case) is superior to all AirPods models. This highly durable shell assures you that it will take more than a few severe environmental conditions to damage the bud. Jabra’s passive noise cancellation does a difficult job of reducing the enclosure sounds. The Elite Active 75t also has wireless capabilities to pair with iOS and Android devices quickly. Even with its newly announced features unavailable to the Q2 2020, the sound + app still has plenty of functionality to satisfy feature seekers. Then there are the cheaper price points, which you will be extremely pleased with when considering the overall performance of the Jabra Elite Active 75t. Know more Best Earbuds reviews powerbeats 4 review

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Will there be a Jabra elite active 75t?

The Jabra Elite Active 75t February 2020 will be available on Amazon, Best Buy and Jabra.com, MSRP for $ 199. Earbuds will be available in six colours: Navy (February), Copper Black (Amazon Exclusive, February), Titanium Black, (February), Gray (April), Sienna (April) and Pudina (April).

Will Jabra make a 75t active?

Yes, the IP57 rating, comfortable fit and effective isolation performance that make the Jabra Elite Active 75t a great pair of workout headphones. Jabra supports its product with a two-year warranty, with the possibility of dust or water damage, so whatever you are, become insurance.

Is Jabra Elite 75t worth it?

The conclusion. The Jabra Elite 75t is an excellent wireless headset that works well. These are small, comfortable and great and have great and useful features like auto on / off. The battery life of the Elite 65t, despite its small size, has been pushed and the Jabra is equally sufficient.

Is Jabra Elite 75t Noise Cancelling?

The Jabra Elite 75t does not support active noise cancellation.

Calling and taking it is always a great experience. However, there is no active noise cancellation (ANC) equipped with the Jabra Elite 75t TWS. Still, there is passive noise cancellation (PNC) technology.Calling and taking it is always a great experience.However, there is no active noise cancellation (ANC) equipped with the Jabra Elite 75t TWS, but there is passive noise cancellation (PNC) technology.

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