jaybird vista review

jaybird vista review


  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Reliable connection
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Great battery life
  • Compact USB-C charging case


  • No ambient sound features
  • Pressing the button is a bit stiff
  • No heart rate monitor

jaybird vista is a fitness-first headphone for truly wireless earbuds. The Jaybird Vista Earbuds are among the best true wireless headphones out there. A sleek, compact design and features square level the real and budding athletes. The jaybird wireless earbuds are resistant to water and sweat. These are incredibly small fitness earbuds for dealing with all levels and outdoor workouts. There is a massive incentive for Bluetooth connectivity compared to previous models. With an incredible compact charging case that you can keep running on your own, the Jaybird Vista earbuds are cool.

Jaybird vista specificationjaybird-vista-review

  • Premium Sound with Custom EQ
  • 6mm driver with 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • MEMS Omni-directional microphone for voice calls digital assistants
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with custom JBS1 wireless chip
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • slim charge case with USB-C, 10-hour battery
  • IPX7 rating water & Sweatproof
  • Weight of buds 6 grams (including Eargel)
  • Includes 3-sized Eargel, charge case, USB-C charge cable
  • Customizable audio and button mapping via Jay Jaybird App (iOS and Android)
  • Available in Black, Mineral Blue, and Nimbus Gray
  • Jaybird Vista Earbuds Price $ 179.99

jaybird Build & Design

The Jaybird Vista earbuds are available in Black, Mineral Blue, and Nimbus Gray. The earbuds are straightforward to look at, but their simplicity belies a brilliant stripped-down design. Instead of removing the silicone ear tip at the end of the earbud, Vista uses a fully attached casing and ear wings. These are meant to fit the inner and upper edge of your ear, respectively. The attached design prevents water or your decaying sweat from entering the drivers.


You will find three different sizes for connected ear tips. Including a wingtip completely removed: Made for a less secure fit. However, you can extend the comfort of more casual audience sessions where you are not spreading around the track. Vista earbuds rated based on the IPX7 water resistance. They can withstand up to one meter of either water rainfall or short immersion. We wouldn’t recommend them for swimming, though.


The Jaybird Vista earbuds are also brilliantly compact. But they are nowhere near as impressive as their small size, which uses diagonal-slated charging stations to reduce the volume of cases. The jaybird headphones case should easily fit in a zip pocket or similar shape even though it’s light enough that it won’t take any valuable seconds from your personal best.


The case carries an additional ten hours of charge, top six hours per earbud on Vista – which is not as compared to some other models like the UA True Wireless Flash. However, this seems a fair trade for the light weight; there is a charging port for the carry case USB-C standard. Thanks to its regular wireless earbuds, the charger is side-stepping.


Customizable-EQSound quality

We were a bit shocked by the quality of the audio on these earbuds. There is an impressively wide soundstage for this national small 6mm driver with a warm and full sound across low, mid, and high frequencies. There is resonance to hear the individual notes as the whole track slowly dissipates.


The muse’s plug-in baby threading drums and falsetto vocals are neatly painted with audio performance with over-ear cans compared to compact fitness earphones. Being able to play around in the Jaybird app certainly helped. From the moment you open the app, a selection of EQ options available online or offline, as well as podcasts and playlists suggested by other jaybird headphones users.



You can quickly create your sound profile to tailor the frequency of each song or podcast to your unique sound print. But there are also options for jumping with pre-made options for warm mids. Raising the bass or removing the higher frequencies gives you a headache in a long audience session. They don’t go too loud, so if you are hoping to completely immersed in the outside world, these are not earrings. Nevertheless, Firm Fit provides great sound separation. Vista earbuds manage to hold the audio detail together as far as it can go.


Direct connection to each earbud

True wireless often means that audio compression usually is done over Bluetooth. However, the jaybird earbuds connect directly to each earbud, rather than connecting. One earbud can be used differently than the other. We pulled them out of the case with the earbuds instantly connected to our smartphone. jaybird earbuds worked hard in this category to make it a seamless experience.


Sixteen hours of battery life always got us through the whole day of use. Another pair of earbuds can pack in more charge. But you won’t get the same compact case with the larger battery. It was a dream to go around as the Vista case.


Like Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, you won’t find some noise-canceling or enclosing sound features here, which lets you use external microphones to play external sounds inside the cadence to match your surroundings. We have informed that Jaybird would not have been able to keep the dimension low if it included such features, which is true when we consider the bulkier earbuds of other models.



You may ask: Do they sit in your ear while racing? All sound analysis is secondary if the athletes across the ears do not achieve a decent fit. So, we don our activewear and run one. Pre-fitting tips with Vista are perfect for us. The units are comfortable to wear, relatively cool, flowing, and we don’t budge as pavement pounds. So it has a secure fit and stable Bluetooth connection.


How do you connect Jaybird Vista to your phone?

To start pairing, open the Vista charging case. The LED flash should be on and off. If the light doesn’t flash, hold down the internal button for two seconds. You can now open the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select Jaybird Vista. The next time you open the case and remove the earbuds, they automatically connect to your device.


Bluetooth 5.0 with JBS1 wireless chip

jaybird bluetooth headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and lack the support of high-quality Bluetooth codecs. This JBS1 chipset ensures a fast and powerful connection between the earbuds and your phone. It makes two separate connections to the phone. That means that you can use one earbud differently than the other, which is a safer alternative for outside athletes. You can connect up to 10 meters of wireless before any stutters present them.

Battery life

Six hours of charge are perfect for any wireless earbuds. Although some competitors like Klipsch T5 crack seven hours. The numbers largely depend on listening to the default volume. Because when I fired the Vista Earbuds, things like that happened very rarely. So I was not shocked when this number dropped.


They usually tap out at about 5.5 hours per charge. Sometimes if I lower the volume to a quieter limit, more so. The case is a full charge and delivers about half and more. Jaybird wisely took advantage of USB-C and fast charge functionality to stay current. With a five-minute charge, I was able to get around an hour 60% of the volume I tested.


Jaybird Vista vs Power Beats Pro


To counter this, we have created two of the best true wireless earbuds in the market for fitness against each other. In one corner, Beats Powerbeats Pro, a top seller that has praised as the ideal Sporty AirPods alternative. In another turn, jaybird wireless headphones is a somewhat flawed newbie with features and performances to compete with any competitor in the class. Which one deserves a spot in your gym bag? We’ve compared the two to determine the best fitness investment for you.


Final verdict

Jaybird Vista’s truly wireless earbuds are fitness-first jaybird wireless headphones. They still manage to offer incredible audio along with water and sweat resistance like the best of them. These earbuds are not cheap, Jaybird vista price $179.99. But the combination of stark colorings, compact and lightweight designs, and premium sound are unique to true wireless earbuds. Sometimes, you buy a pair of headphones and are limited in how you can make them sound. That is far from being the case here, and the application experience solidified by the default audio quality, which gives a solid foundation.




Can you swim with Jaybird Vista?

Yes, Vista Earbuds have an IPX7 waterproof rating. Which means they are designed to handle rain, mud, and outdoor adventures. However, the Jaybird Vista earbuds not intended for swimming, showers, or pool or seawater contact.


Jaybird noise canceling earbuds?

They fit securely and comfortably, but they also created a soundproof vacuum in my ear. Vista is not technically a noise-canceling bud. However, they do not give in to ambient noise at all. They are so quiet that you only have to wear a rug if you want to run outside.


How do I pair my Jaybird Vista?

Put both earbuds in the charging case and close the lid. Open the charging case and press and hold the case button until the case LED starts flashing white. On your Bluetooth audio device, go to Bluetooth settings and make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Select ‘Jaybird Vista’ in the list of discovered devices.


How long do Jaybird headphones last?

With 6 hours of battery life, Jaybird Vista is just about ready for an exciting adventure! Run wild and stop worrying about your sound quality.

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