Master & Dynamic MW07 Go review

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go review


  • Water-resistant design
  • Great sound with lots of character
  • Safe, comfortable fit
  • Long battery life


  • Lack of multipoint connection
  • It’s a bit expensive for what you get.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go headphones are fabulous. The fashion-forward New York brand has produced catchy, great-sounding headphones since its launch. That’s how I felt about the company’s first wire-free earbud, the Model MW07. The soft, D-shaped ears in the ears looked great and fit great. The Go version has brought the same epic audio over time. It’s a more affordable, water-resistant design that’s got a sportier goal in mind. The smaller and lighter build is a bonus that provides a full 10 hours of battery life. Overall, there are plenty to choose from, but you’re paying a premium for style. Let’s look at this in more detail.

At aglance Master & Dynamic MW07 GoMaster-&-Dynamic

  • About 3 times the battery lifetime of the first MW07 Go-10 hours per charge, with a additional 12 hours via the charging case
  • Fast charging time for earpieces (five hours with 15 minutes quick charge or 40 minutes for full charge) and charging case (40% charge in 15 minutes or a full charge in 40 minutes).
  • Earpieces made from the TR90, a durable combination often used in sports glasses
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with support for apTX and SBC codecs
  • Custom 10mm beryllium dynamic driver
  • Controls the earpiece for volume, track playback, voice assistant access and more
  • IPX6-rated TR90 earpiece and an IPX5-rated technical knit charging case

Master & Dynamic Design

Producing the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go meant using its previously tested formula. However, it made to be more humble and weather resistant. In this particular example, Master & Dynamic has been able to substantially reduce earbud casing by reducing the weight of each earbud to just 7.4 grams. Current selections include Electric Blue, Flame Red, Stone Gray, and Jet Black. The fitness-centric version, however, looks just as handsome.

For reference, the predecessor is the MW07 Plus earbuds – which features a larger battery and noise cancellation. Each weighs 9grams so that MW07 Go can cut up to 7.4grams by 18 percent thanks to some smaller housing. We notice the difference in the ears, even if the difference of only millimeters or more is not too much.

The Master and Dynamic MW07 Go is a polished one. It is boasting compact designs that blend beautifully with any formal, informal, or workout getup. That is one of the shoots you can spot on the front row of a business class or in an upscale gym. The master and dynamic earphones has an ear grip/fin that holds each bud securely. With its unique evergreen structure, it’s flexible and soft enough that you don’t notice it, but protect the earrings even during exercise.

The MW07 Go is resistant to rain and sweat, and you have earbuds that you can take for racing in even wet, rainy conditions. We tried in the rain, and these rugs were not damaged at all. However, you get a slight feeling of pressure from the MW 07 Go due to its tip design and the lack of any extra vents for bass reflection/air escaping. The bundled accessories include a USB adapter, UBC-charging cable, two sets of fins, and four set tips.Master-&-Dynamic-MW07-Go-compare


Devices that support aptX will get high-quality audio performance from the MW 07 Go. But the audio performance is impressive for great safe drivers even when defaulted to SBC mode. On tracks with intense sub-bass content such as Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the ear’s headphones provide substantial bass depth without going overboard, and at the top, the level of intelligent listening, no less distorted.

Master  and Dynamic MW07 Go gave a relatively neutral frequency response. Yes, there is some emphasis on the low-end of the frequency spectrum, but these distortions are minimal. A calming ear is needed to detect this. That said, you may notice that some songs have some missing details “missing” due to audible masking. That is when a higher sound has difficulty understanding a quiet word.

Passive isolation is pretty good, but make sure you get a good fit. For our test heads, I had to try three ear tip sizes before looking for the best pair. If you are unable to get a good fit from any of the silicone ear tips provided, then it is best to drop a few bucks for memory foam tips.

Master and dynamic charging-caseControl and setup

master and dynamic earphones Play/pause (1x tap), forward (2x tap), skip back (3x tap), enable voice assistant (hold button for about 3 seconds), and enter pair mode (hold button) for about 5 seconds. ). There doesn’t seem to be any way to on/off the buds. But they do have a power reserve function that enables sleep mode when inactive after a few minutes. Holding the MF button wakes it up.

The buttons are smaller and push the buds into your ear to press them down, which can hurt someone at the door for less pain. That is not serious, though. The most important is that the buttons are easy to identify. There are responsive and well-rounded assurances that assure you to execute active orders when pressed.

That is very easy to add to the device since the buds enable the pairing mode automatically paired. All you have to do is access your Bluetooth settings, search for ‘Master & Dynamic MW07 Go’ in the list of available devices, and select for connection.

Noise isolation

Companies like Apple and Sony are improving the division by integrating active noise cancellation into their cordless buds. Although M&D has its technology, it doesn’t seem to be a rush to bring it to the MW07 series. Leaving aside our standard noises. No advanced sound neutralization is not the end of the world. That’s why the master and dynamic earphones song does a great job of creating a rigid seal to protect the music from being leaked while minimizing ambient noise on the soundstage.

The cranking weight and terrible gym music calmed down on the treadmill without breaking my concentration. Since buds cancel environmental noise, you need to be more careful around you. For those who like outdoor racing, you may want to consider the option of ambient-listening modes to hear what’s happening around you, such as the Jabra Active 65t.

Master & Dynamic Case and battery life

The better the charging case is it is much lighter and smaller. Thanks to Master & Dynamic’s decision to carry the technical knit fabric on stainless steel. It went with portability and sport-aesthetics. The USB-C port for charging and holds the three LED lights up front to indicate the level of charging and will receive 10 hours of music playback.

In the case of battery capacity where it lacks a little bit, It only offers an extra 12 hours. which means it’s more than just an additional full charge. You need to use about 22 hours before plugging it incorrectly. In everyday life – if you use them for travel. But it will last you a few weeks at a time, assuming your morning commute is no more than an hour in each direction.

Wireless performance was similarly robust during our testing. But we expect nothing less than a pair of wire-free in 2020. Connectivity issues worsened in new earphones are not prone to show their head nowadays.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go vs. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Master and Dynamic MW 07 Go and Beats PowerBeats Pro Which is better for you? Beats’ cordless buds currently stand out as a standard sporty AirPods option as well as the most popular option in the sports headphones category. The latest addition to the MW07 series of masters and dynamics comes on time for the holidays, with its elegant aesthetics and unmatched sound to conquer the fitness crowd. Which model makes a better gym partner? Below we have compared the two models for winning declaration.Master & Dynamic MW07 Go vs. Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Final Verdict

The new MW07 Go version of Master & Dynamic brings the same epic audio while squeezing the size and weight of the earbuds, giving a more refined sports-focused design. These in-ears look infinitely better than Apple’s AirPods, and you can run them while wearing them.



Is Master and dynamic good?

That is what has made this new Master and dynamic model so great: flexibility. These are big enough that you can wear them to any office, adjustable sufficient that they will survive your sweatiest workouts, and they sound good enough that you won’t find another pair of headphones outside the gym.


Are Master and dynamic headphones good?

The New York-based master and dynamic have made a name for themselves by creating premium stylish headphones featuring premium materials and excellent sound. The company’s latest wireless model, the MW65 ANC, has featured active noise-canceling, and arguably it’s its best headphone.


Who owns Master and dynamic?

Jonathan Levine and Vicki Gross founded Master and Dynamic. Levine had previously launched two consumer goods companies, and when his teenage son appealed to him that headphones were unable to be found, Levine realized that there was a chance in the market.


Are Master and dynamic headphones noise Cancelling?

Master and Dynamic have taken the time to create an active noise-canceling technology that doesn’t compromise the quality of the signature sound you came to expect from us. Two modes of noise-canceling energy filter out unwanted external noise, designed to focus, inspire and transport your mind wherever life takes you.


What are dynamic headphones?

Dynamic headphones use a driver that is a tiny speaker, whereas armature type headphones use a driver like that used for hearing aids. More important than the type of driver is the implementation. Armature and dynamic drivers can sound both excellent also as very bad.

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