powerbeats 4 review, Beats earbuds

Powerbeats 4, beats wireless earbuds


  • Advanced sound quality, hands-free Siri
  • 15 hours uninterrupted battery life
  • The quality of the phone call is great
  • Powerbeats Pro is that sound quality


  • The cable is not ideal
  • There is no noise reduction

Powerbeats 4 review > Beats launched its first truly wireless earbud last year. Earlier, Powerbeats Pro, an Apple-owned company’s regular Powerbeats, was very popular with runners and gym-goers. The new powerbeats 4 are a thoughtful evolution of the wireless workout earbuds. It is resistant to improved battery life, improved water and sweat with an IPX4 rating. That is a decent cheaper alternative to large-scale Apple’s high-end ear headphones. The advantage of beats earbuds is that they provide interchangeable ear tips that you won’t find on Apple AirPods.

The Beats PowerBats Pro is a significant upgrade to the company’s wireless workout earbuds. It can summon Siri from Apple’s H1 wireless chip. They charge every 15 hours, which is six hours longer than Powerbeats Pro. It can be paired to multiple devices. Wireless music can be shared with another pair of Beats headphones. They hold neckband designs from previous models, which some people prefer more than not having wires.

Beats earbuds Price and release date

Beats Powerbeats 4, technically speaking, is the fourth Powerbeats headphone. That is the latest addition to the Beats family. It arrived in stores and online on March 18, 2020. The Beats powerbeats 4 price is $ 149. That’s $ 100 less than Powerbeats Pro and $ 50 less than Powerbeats 3.

At a glance beats earphones beats-powerbeats-4

  • Comfortable design: Engineered to reduce friction with a flowing, circular wire, and with securely fitted ear hooks for added stability, these earphones feel light and relaxed even after hours of wear.
  • Enhanced call performance: Multiple on-ear microphones that target your voice and filter out external noise, and for Class 1 Bluetooth extended range and low dropouts.
  • On-ear controls: Take calls, skip songs, and adjust volume directly from the earbuds, so you don’t need your device to control your audio.
  • Voice control: Stay in the zone with hands-free control via “Hey Siri” on iOS Device, and voice capability with the push of a B button on a variety of compatible devices.
  • What you’ll find in the box: Powerbeats Wireless Earphones / Carrying Case / Eartips with four size options / USB charging cable / Quick Start Guide / Warranty Card.

Beats Earbuds Design

The new powerbeats 4 have the same curved stem design as the previous models. But instead, they end up at the front of the new, smaller ear that comes from Powerbeats Pro. If you’re a fan of Powerbeat designs, you’ll love the newer models. It includes a USB cable, a soft carrying case and earbuds with powerbeats 4 manuals. The powerbeats 4 setup is as simple as holding it on an iOS device or pairing it with an Android device via the power button.

Powerbeats 4 are drivers on the inside for the earbuds. There is control of the headphones on the back of each of the two sides. You will also find a volume rocker and Beats button that controls play/pause and your virtual assistant. The box has convenient ear tips (small, medium, large, and double flanges) on your excellent fit.

As we have said in the past, and Earbuds must fit properly into the ear. That is because earrings will reduce the sound you pass. It controls how good the bass response is and the amount of hearing you hear. Getting the right fit with these can be a bit more complicated than other recently tested in-ear headphones. However, beats earbuds should fit well in most people’s ears. If you get a tight seal, they sound pretty good.

Each earbud has a bead-making microphone that used to summon Siri. Which can make phone calls, texts, and answer questions aloud. You are sure that if you ask a question using the “Hey Siri” or hold the right beats button, Siri will answer. Beats earbuds have a wire appearance that some people prefer not to have. It has the advantages and benefits of losing two earbuds tied together.

Beats earbuds IPX 4 Rating

Powerbeats 4 is IPX4 is sweat-resistant and splashproof. They have identical piston drivers and digital signal processing. That’s what Beats calls “Powerful reproduction, enhanced precision. The Apple H1 chip, which makes it easy to pair and switch between all your iCloud-linked Apple devices. It has the same dual beamforming microphone and a speech-detecting accelerometer. Target voice and use “Advanced call quality and improved voice pick-up” when using your voice assistant. External word filter. These are hands-free Siri.

Powerbeats Performance

The powerbeats 4 sound quality as a decent wide soundstage and excellent overall clarity on the entire audio spectrum. They match what I’ve heard from other earbuds around this price point. But if you’re an audiophile out there, then, of course, there are cheaper, better-affordable options. In other words, the music feels reasonably stable. It’s a well-balanced headphone, and we appreciate it.

Speaking of gym and sound quality, Powerbeats purposefully designed to allow for some noise. It does not, in any way, offer any form of active noise cancellation. That is a big difference between the AirPods Pro. We can’t say it’s a big fan of the lack of noise cancellation. You will find AAC and SBC on both Apple iOS and Android devices. The former is great if you want to add some more depth to the sound of your favourite music.

beats-earbudsPowerbeats Battery life

Battery life is one of the major selling points of Power Beats 4. Depending on the battery, headphones charge up to 15 hours per charge and can be recharged in relatively small amounts. It’s just a five-minute charge gives you an hour of battery life, which is excellent. Restoring them is as simple as connecting the power cable to the power port on the right hull. It automatically takes a while to turn off the functionality and may reduce your battery. We recorded the workout in the first two sessions in 45-50 minutes. And after more than 90 minutes of combining the two, the battery dropped from 100 to 88 percent. So if we practice once every day, we think it will be battery-powered.

Powerbeats 4 settings

When you set up Powerbeats 4, you’ll find a simple pairing pop-up graphic on your iPhone screen. So you can pair with them. You can connect without diving into your settings menu. Once connected, it will be automatically connected to any other Apple device that logged into the same iCloud account. With the Android phones, you can download the Beats app to connect, monitor the battery and rename the product with a personal name. You do not need to use the application, though. You can pair as healthy using only Bluetooth connection settings.

The final verdict

Powerbeats 4 has brought the necessary upgrades to its sports-focused earbuds. They last longer than their predecessors and look better. Thanks to the hands-free Siri, their IPX4 rating and Snug Fit, they are Jim’s good companions. It fits the audience physically more than the AirPods. They are not entirely cable-free like Powerbeats Pro or AirPods Pro. Compared to the price, they are a better upgrade than the PowerBots 3 and solid wireless sports headphones. Know more headphones reviews Sennheiser hd 450bt review

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