Powerbeats Pro Review

Powerbeats Pro Review


  • Easy pairing with iOS
  • Protective fit, sleek design
  • Class-leading battery life
  • Brilliant for racing/practice
  • Sweat and water-resistant earphones
  • The H1 chip adds convenience for iPhone users


  • The case is relatively huge
  • Rated IPX4 only
  • There is no wireless charging case

Powerbeats Pro Review>When Apple bought Beats by Dre, both companies had something to gain. Apple has entered the lucrative emerging fashion headphones market. Beats got brain access to Apple’s technology development team. But Beats President Luke Wood told us that this was the first truly joint project, where everything integrated with Apple – internal and external.

Powerbeats Pro is the next logical step in the Apple Series’s workout-focused earbuds. The path to a truly wireless future. Apple has been able to churn out a decent, sweat-resistant pair of true wireless buds. You get excellent battery life, enjoyable sound, and a healthy that’s each comfortable enough to wear for a long time. Be safe enough to take it to your peak workout sessions.


Price and powerbeats pro release date

Powerbeats pro price $ 249.95 / £ 219. Powerbeats pro colors – Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy[ four colors] – all of which come with a charging case. Apple AirPods currently priced at $ 159 / £ 159. However, what you get with powerbeats pro wireless is the significantly improved design, newer H1 chips, and better quality. Powerbeats pro release date is 8th June 2019.

At aglance powerbeats propowerbeats-pro-white

  • Fully wireless high-performance earphones with regular, safe-fit ear hooks for lightweight comfort and stability.
  • Sturdy design sweat and water resistance during tough workouts.
  • Volume and track control on each earbud. Voice capability and autoplay/pause.
  • Powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and sound isolation
  • Listening time is up to 9 hours (more than 24 hours with charging case).
  • PowerBeats Pro with Charging Case: Listening time is more than 24 hours
  • The 5-minute charge provides up to 1.5 hours of playback
  • Volume, track and call controls on both earbuds
  • Hands-free controls, including “Hey Siri” and voice assistant on compatible devices

Powerbeats Design

Powerbeats Pro has a center playback control button when it comes to design. That’s where the Beats logo is, and a volume rocker. That means you can control your music for free from any hand, which is a great feature. (Of course, if you have Hey Siri enabled, you can just say the word awake with a voice command for the same effect) .It also has a sporty look to it that is practical enough to wear outside the gym.


There are lots of choices about the new Powerbeats Pro. It’s super comfortable, and it not only helps how it fits in and around the ear but also helps how you feel when you’re listening to music. Another factor that contributes to the great fit is how thin the nozzle of the earbuds is. It is smaller than other truly wireless earbuds on the market and has four separate ear tip options. There are still many different ways to get that perfect seal.


One of the problems with the Powerbeats Pro’s design is that if you want to wear headphones in bed, they get a bit crunchy from the ear. It doesn’t look as low-profile as the Apple AirPods. On the other hand, if you want wireless charging, you won’t find it here. If you’re going to be in the Apple family, this feature is only available in the latest versions of AirPods.


AirPods technology

Applying the same H1 chip inside the AirPods enabled some advanced features, such as the Beats “Hey Siri” awakening. But it also helps to keep the connection between the two earphones secure. First, some use external microphones and accelerometers. Powerbeats Pro ensures that you create a beam so that your phone always encourages and eliminates external noise during a phone call or a video call.


Secondly, the H1 chip is a great battery optimizer. Up to nine hours out of the charging case, the music can claim playback. It was ridiculous for a pair of wire-free earphones at launch but has since spotted in a few other ears, such as the MW 07 Pro and Melomania 1. Combined with the battery in the case, the music between the charges is 24 hours away from the power cord.


Help to keep battery usage to a minimum; there are sensors to detect when it pulled from ear to ear. Underneath each earbud, there are optical sensors. They can identify when your ear covers them. Meanwhile, accelerometers detect when you remove the buds to pause the music. If they hold in hand, away from the ear and away from the charging case, they switch to low power mode to save even more battery.


We are truly impressed with the Powerbeats Pro’s longevity. They are on the longest side of any other cable-free earphones, and it was almost unbelievable. Nowadays, they are one of the few individual pairs that provide more extended longevity than the previous generations.


Powerbeats Performance

If you’ve used other true wireless headphones in the past, you may feel the same pressure in your ears when listening to music. That was definitely what we felt when listening to other workout earbuds, such as the Jaybird X4. However, that uncomfortable pressure does not just exist with Powerbeats Pro. The reason for this is a micro-laser barometric venting hole in the front chamber that reduces in-ear pressure and improves bass response in Apple’s own language. It’s not that bit headphones need any bass level support.


The good news is that powerboats feel good both during an exercise and your time away from the gym. Yes, if you take a critical ear, there is a slight flutter to the sound – but this is not the kind of thing you notice during your workout.


The surprising thing is that Powerbeats Pro has turned the corner this time around. These aren’t precisely on a flat EQ, but they do look like a gentle V-shape that enhances the height and lower sections with a slight respite. It’s a smooth curve that the music sounds logically convincing, but the movie and the show aren’t irrelevant too much.


Powerbeats Redesigned sound

In addition to reshaping the exterior, sound mechanics have changed a lot. On the outside, you’ll see small pinholes near the earbuds, as well as a small grille behind it. Combined, it acts as a sort of reflex, similar to what you’ve got in high-end speakers – to make sure you don’t feel too much pressure on the ear at any time.


Adding to this, Beats chose not to use a traditional style speaker/driver. There is no “skin” stretch on a driver that can become tired and lose its quality over time. Instead, engineers applied a piston-style aluminum driver that moves up and down inside the earphones. This process means more reliable, consistent, and precise control over the sound, reduction of distortion, and increasing range.


Many times, this is not necessarily a bad thing: you can hear the cars when you are out in the dark. It’s great to be aware of the traffic. On the other hand, while you’re sitting on the train and you can still hear the subtle droning and engine noise of the chattering people. It can be tempting to bend over louder than it is healthy to sink earphones.


powerbeats-pro-CASEPowerbeats Easy connection

For Apple iPhone users, you will find the convenience of having a simple relationship and pairing for that simple H1 chip. A fascinating pop-up window will appear on the screen to connect the earphones as you open the case clutter. Once it is connected, it automatically gets connected to all Apple devices connected to the same iCloud account.


Powerbeats Pro is not just Apple-exclusive. It will work with Android and Windows 10 devices. All you have to do is hold the pair button inside the charging case and select PowerBeats Pro on the device you want to pair. There is almost no difference between the sound quality I hear between a paired iOS device (our iPhone X) and a paired Android device (our Google Pixel 3a XL), as both connections use Bluetooth 5.0.


Like the AirPods, you can open the case to see how much battery life your iOS device has. It helps to increase their space-edge feel. (As we have seen with other True wireless earbuds, it is nice to see their battery life in the right-hand corner of the home screen, but this is not a dealbreaker).


Powerbeats IPX4 is splash-resistant

Another real problem people may have with Powerbeats is that they are only IPX4 splash-resistant. That means they can sweat a bit, have an accidental splash from a water bottle or jump someone, but they are not water-proof. That means that if you brought to the beach with you and you should stay as far away from a pool party as possible. If you need to be careful if they submerged for more than a few seconds, they probably will never work.


Where we managed to perform Powerbeats Pro best was in a quiet environment, like your office, your home, or your gym. Because you can use hands-free Siri, they are great for setting and calling timers between sets. Because they are so comfortable in the ear and last about eight hours between charges, you can wear them for hours at a time, for hours on end. They make a decent everyday headphone, and if we need to, we want to go and listen to a call or Spotify on our phone.


Powerbeats Class-leading battery life

Apple’s statement said powerboats could last up to nine hours between charges and nearly two charges in the case. When you combine these numbers, Apple claims that Powerbeats Pro has a 24-hour battery and should last a few days between charges. Claims to be reasonably accurate during the test. It’s three to four hours longer than most top competitors, including Apple’s own AirPods 2 and Samsung’s slick and nimble Galaxy Buds.


Like the previous wired versions, there is also fast-charging technology built into PowerBats Pro. Just five minutes docked for charging is enough to give you more than 90 minutes of playback. The Powerbeats Pro’s charging case is significant – at least, big enough to fit the pocket of pants and sufficient weight to register as a paperweight. Especially when compared with the risky little cases of AirPods.


Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods Pro

Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro are two very different looking earbuds with the same price points. So which one is better for you, and which one has better features?


If you don’t iron out at the gym, you’ll only care about which pair of headphones have the best and most convenient features. If you’ve been after this, the path forward is clear, just get AirPods Pro. The design of the AirPods has not only given a chance to these and the original ones. They also have some new and improved features that make Powerbeats out of the water. When you pin these two “pro” genuine wireless earbuds head-to-head, the “best” key depends entirely on how much you value a set of genuine wireless earphones. But most people will get the most tunes for their pockets from AirPods Pro for their portability, noise cancellation, and portability. The following is a comparison between the two.


The final verdict

Powerbeats Pro offers both incredible battery life, sound, and a fit that feels comfortable enough to wear for a long time, and is secure enough for you to take in your final workout session. If you are an Apple-loving gym-goer, who can appreciate better-playing music and features like the Hands-Free Hey series, buy these earbuds.



Are beats Powerbeats Pro worth it?

Beats took the time to create a truly wireless alternative to its headphone line, but the wait was well worth it. Powerbeats Pro is an excellent surround option for workout headphones, and the features, reliability, and sound quality make it an excellent choice for everyday use as well.


Are power beats good?

Powerbeats are three well-made, long-lasting, and with excellent sound quality, which is a fun trio of qualifications for fitness headphones. Fits are pretty good, and probably almost perfect for people with more ’rounded’ ears. … Check out our guides for the best wireless headphones and the best in-ear headphones.


Are Powerbeats Pro better than AirPods?

Powerbeats Pro has the apparent advantages over battery life in terms of charge, durability, and customizable fit. While they sound great, to our ears, they are no more critical than the AirPods – but sound isolation is better thanks to their design.


How do you use Powerbeats Pro beats?

Pair your Powerbeats Pro. Keep Powerbeats Pro earbuds in the case. With lid unlocked, hold Powerbeats Pro within 2 inches of your unlocked iOS device. Follow the instructions displayed on your iOS device. If you don’t see any instructions, follow the steps to connect to another device.


Are Powerbeats pro noise canceling?

Powerbeats Pro doesn’t have the active noise cancellation feature, but since these are earbuds, they will roughly separate the sound without causing any injury to the battery life. The earrings come with four ear tips so you can get the fit and seal that suits you best. 


Is Powerbeats pro-water-proof?

Your Powerbeats Pro earbuds are sweat and water-resistant, however not sweatproof or water-proof. If your Powerbeats Pro earbuds come in contact with the liquid with a workout sweat, wipe them with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. … Powerbeats Pro doesn’t sink in water.


Can you swim with Powerbeats Pro?

We don’t advise taking showers, using them in the rain, swimming with them, or in any other case exposed to excess moisture with Powerbeats Pro. Even when things are modestly water-resistant, water resistance can decrease over time, so Powerbeats Pro will be right to keep as dry as possible.


How do you adjust sound on Powerbeats Pro?

Change the settings of your Powerbeats Pro.

Name your Powerbeats Pro. Go to Settings> Bluetooth on your iOS device.

Set the microphone to the left, right, or automatically. Each Powerbeats Pro earbud has a microphone, so you can make phone calls and use Siri.

Turn autoplay on or off.

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