Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review

Galaxy Buds Live Review


  • Conventional design
  • Strong, balanced sound
  • Incredibly good fit
  • An extra helping of bass
  • Combined 28-hour battery life


  • Low IPX rating
  • Noise cancellation is not suitable for much
  • Might not fit the smallest ears
Samsung galaxy buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live should be called the Galaxy Beans. Why? Let’s talk about the new Galaxy Buds Live. The bean-sized Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a severe departure from the norm in every single category. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is pretty good. They have several neat features, and they come with integrated 28-hour battery life. They include Samsung’s first true wireless earbuds to include noise cancellations and tunes to give them heaping support in the bass. This bean from Samsung can probably be very comfortable for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live can compete with the likes of Apple AirPods and Google Pixel Buds. However, they are not the top Android-based true wireless earbuds. But you have found a suitable successor to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Buds live are significantly less expensive than the AirPods Pro. Priced at $ 139.99, whereas the AirPods Pro is priced at $ 249, which means Galaxy Buds Live could be a mandatory cheap alternative to Apple’s noise-canceling earbuds.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live comes in three colors black, white, and bronze. It comes with a matching charging case that will fit in your pocket. There is a USB Type-C port on the back of the case for charging, or you can charge it wirelessly. Its LED case is present both inside and outside the case to let you know about the charging status.

Galaxy buds bixby-voice-assistant

As for its buds, Samsung has created something enjoyable and unique here. While other wireless earbuds manufacturers are still copying Apple’s AirPods, Samsung’s design team is working to create something original.

Most of the earbuds on the market are not perfect, compared to Buds Live. They fit just right in your ears. These buds come with an IPX2 water-resistant rating. Which means they’re only suitable for a little sweaty workout or light rain.

Each bud also has a touch sensor that can register a single, double, or triple-tap, which presents the expected actions to play/pause and leaves the tracks behind / forward. Tap and hold action is available and customizable separately for each bud. You can turn it on / off with Bixby or Spotify to increase/decrease the volume. Bixby only works on Samsung phones. Spotify, on the other hand, can only be launched on Android phones.

Galaxy buds Noise cancellation

It’s incredible how much technology Samsung has done on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Each earbud has three microphones with an additional voice pickup unit, besides Speakers with a bass duct and a set of sensors as an accelerometer, IR, and a touch-capacitive sensor. This technology allows for rich features in all Galaxy Buds Live, some of which work better than others. Samsung has created ANC for open type earbuds, which, according to Samsung, reduce low-band background noise below 700Hz. Such as trains and buses – still lets you hear voices and announcements.

Galaxy buds Call quality

The call quality that works well is the three microphones, including the voice pickup unit. That enables you to hear better at the other end of the call, even in a noisy environment. When we checked it out, we were told from the other end that our voices were clear even if we have music playing in our background.

Galaxy Buds Live compare

Galaxy buds live Audio quality

Samsung Buds has applied many features to keep you live and compatible with your device. It’s all based on Bluetooth 5 to make the audio stream reliable. The Galaxy Buds Live feature is a scalable codec owned by Samsung. It prevents audio cuts by changing the bit-rate according to the strength of the Bluetooth connection.

The scalable codec automatically encodes audio data with a higher compression ratio when the wireless connection is weakened. Allows your earbuds to receive data without interruption. We enjoyed uninterrupted audio even when the phone was twenty feet away from Galaxy Buds Live.

Galaxy buds live Audio quality, in general, is decent. The bass has fun, sharp bounces that slam songs from Eminem to Godzilla. But it comes at the expense of the clarity of the Mids and Highs. The Galaxy, a wearable app, helps you define sound in six ways. These include Bass Boost and treble boost, even if you can’t set custom equalizer settings.

Another good thing about Galaxy Buds Live is that they don’t plug your ear canal. So they do not feel uncomfortable even after increasing the time of use. Samsung has added an air vent for ventilation. That helps reduce the stereo feeling you may get at the end of a long session of listening to music.

Samsung Buds live Battery life

The Samsung Buds Live will last six hours on a full charge, and the battery case cover can provide two total charges. Which means you can expect about 20 hours of playback with Buds Live. Even better, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live supports fast charging, which can provide about one hour of playtime with only a five-minute charge.

Final Verdict

Suppose you are looking for a Samsung-friendly alternative to Apple AirPods and looking for a cool companion for your next Samsung Galaxy smartphone. In that case, Galaxy Buds Live is a reliable option. They have several features that serve exclusively to Samsung device owners, such as scalable codecs, and more easily pair them. Another advantage of using the Samsung device with Galaxy Buds Live is that you can have Bixby as your smart assistant. If you like bass-heavy music and want a truly wireless earbud, you’ll want to pick up a pair of Buds Live. Know more true wireless earbuds reviews

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