Samsung galaxy buds review

Samsung galaxy buds review


  • Soft, comfortable design and secure fit
  • Great battery life
  • Stylish design and Easy to use
  • Powerful audio performance
  • Intuitive Assistant Application


  • Ambient sound can be irritating
  • Touch control is not always perfect

Samsung galaxy buds sound great, provide instant pairing, stylish, comfortable, and around 6 hours of battery life. The earbuds shouldn’t just be in great shape. Samsung has created mules that are great to talk about. Innovative adaptive dual microphone technology makes sense of the sounds around you.Designed to fit your ears comfortably. But ergonomically designed to be there. By tapping and holding, you can go back without having to take the outside world only

Meanwhile, AKG’S pure studio sound will drop you in the front row even if it’s not there and in a truly revolutionary step. Samsung has introduced Wireless PowerShares so you can charge your buds from your Galaxy S10. The next-generation wireless Galaxy Buds. Not just great for listening. Great for talking.

Samsung galaxy buds price is $ 122.89. It’s slightly cheaper than Apple’s AirPods. Overall, the Galaxy Buds earned a spot on the list of best wireless earbuds. The Samsung galaxy buds review below:

samsung-galaxy-buds-best-buyAt aglance Samsung galaxy buds

  • Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps),Profiles-A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
  • USB Version-USB-C Cable, PC Sync- B/T connection
  • Color: White, Black, Yellow
  • Compatible Specification of Smartphone: Android 5.0, 1.5GB
  • True Wireless Earbuds, Sensors- Accelerometer, IR, Hall, Touch
  • 6 Hours Play Time Earbud & 7H Cradle, 5 Hours Talk Time Earbud & 6Hours Cradle
  • Audio Playing Format-Stereo BT
  • Number of MIC 2(per Earbud) (inner & outer mics), Ambient Sound
  • Services and Applications: Bixby Connection
  • Key Category Features: Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Wireless Range -BT 5.0, & Call Function- Call Receiving.
  • Water Resistant: IPX2 (splash resistant), Carrying Case Included.
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity (Earbud) 58, Battery Capacity (Case)252
  • Earbud Weight: 5.6g, Case Weight:39.6g
  • Earbud Dimension (17.5W x 19.4 Hx 22.3D mm), Case Dimension (38.8W x 70.0H x 26.3D mm).
  • Package: Earbuds, Eartips (S, M, L), Quick Start Guide, USB Cable, Wingtips (S, M, L), Charging Case.

Samsung galaxy buds Design

Samsung Galaxy Buds look very attractive. It features two earbuds and a charging case. There is a sleek all-white design that exudes elegance. The earbuds themselves look sleek and compact, with little rubber wings for a secure fit.

The bud and rear made from a matte-white plastic. The middle section covered in white rubber material defined by a small wing that helps to dry the lid on your ear canal securely. The ear tip of a white silicone completes the look. If the default tips are too big or small, Samsung galaxy earbuds send two pairs of extra-sized tips and wings.

You get small, medium, and large wings and ear tips in the box. You should be able to find a combination that fits your ears. They are surprisingly stable and comfortable to use when the buds are first put in place and are at risk of falling — ships with x 1 inch, white charging case.

You can customize the long-press action for Galaxy Bud (Android only), Volume (right bottom left), or Bixby (long press on both buds) through the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app. You will become better connected to the system over time, and eventually get better.

Features and performance

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e, pairing the pockets is a seamless experience, as Apple AirPods connect instantly to iPhones.

Software updates sent by Samsung has resolved most connectivity issues. Now, like true wireless buds, you may experience a connection dropout if you use other Bluetooth devices nearby. We have not experienced any significant Bluetooth dropouts since the most recent update.

Where Samsung’s previous genuine wireless rinse, the Gear IconX is subtle, the Galaxy Ridge seems to be shining; The music playing through this little cock with warm, deep bass and excellent separation sounds excellent.

We started listening to Radiohead’s ‘Day Dreaming’ and were fascinated by the details and clarity of the vocal parts, complemented by soft cascading piano arpeggios and smooth detached synths.

As a result of the warm and made soundstage, the middle frequencies sound slightly resonant. That’s not the most natural sound treatment, so if you are an audiophile, you might want to attack yourself a bit more at treble frequencies for a more accurate replica of your music.

If you like your music office, you will probably love the sound of the Galaxy Buds. Of course, they won’t offer the same power or hearing aversion as a pair of decent over-ear headphones, but for true wireless buds, the sound quality is pretty impressive.

Samsung galaxy buds Setup

The Samsung galaxy buds instantly connected to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I didn’t feel anything that uninterrupted from the AirPods. Immediately after placing the earbuds near the ear, I greeted with a hot pinch.Whenever I put mules on their charging, all I had to do to reconnect them was open the lid.

Managing the blades is pretty straightforward. You tap on the touchpad reflecting the two ears. It’s one tap to play/pause, a double-tap to go to the next track or three taps to answer/end the call and avoid the back. Samsung lets you choose what happened when you long-pressed the bucket: activate your default digital assistant (Google or Siri), temporarily enrich the enclosing words, or adjust the Volume. The operation of the Galaxy Bud was smooth and accurate.

Bluetooth 5.0

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, Galaxy Buds sport a better Earbuds Bluetooth wireless connection than ever before. During my entire test, I never felt any audio dropout. I could leave my phone in my bedroom and rock out of the kitchen without interfering with the six of us walls.

samsung-galaxy-buds-priceSamsung Galaxy Buds App

While you can use the Galaxy Rings on their own, separating them with Free (Android, iOS), the Galaxy Wearable app unlocks even more functionality. The app allows you to monitor the battery life and connectivity status of Mukul, configure the touchpad options, and update the firmware. You can even select whether or not the beds alerted you to new notifications and read them aloud.

Also, you can toggle the Ambient Noise feature and adjust how much outside noise comes in, which is useful when you’re on foot or practicing with the public — the element of AirPods that is currently lacking.

One of the essential features available in the app is the Equalizer, which lets you adjust the audio to your liking. There are five settings (Dynamic, Bus Boost, Soft, Treble Boost, and Clear) that help improve different genres of music. For example, Bus Boost is ideal for deep down tracks like hip-hop songs, while Clear is more suitable for acoustic or live recordings.

Although the presets gave significantly different results in terms of audio quality, I used the Dynamic the most, as it produced bright, full audio with pretty big soundscapes. But if you prefer to listen without an artificial tune, you can altogether disable the Equalizer. Other significant features of the app are Find My Buds. If you lose your buds, they are instrumental in finding them.

IPX2 water-resistant,

Galaxy Buds are IPX2 water-resistant, meaning they are resistant to sweat and splash but cannot be submerged in water (they are not completely waterproof). Nevertheless, they should be suitable for gym use and running.

Earbuds bluetooth wirelessBattery life

Samsung claims that its 58-mAh battery can hold the Galaxy Ridge for up to 6 hours. I wandered off and spent time in the gym, and there was still enough juice. The crown fitted at the 5 hours and 46-minute mark. That’s significantly longer than the runtime of the AirPods (approx: 5 hours, real-time: 4:29).

Once the battery starts running low on the battery, you have two ways to recharge: a charging case or your Galaxy S10 smartphone. I was disappointed to find out that the charging case’s 252-mAh battery only provides an extra 7 hours of battery life. In the case of AirPods, 24 hours charge is given for multiple recharges.

Especially useful considering the new Galaxy S10 range with two-way wireless charging. If you have a Galaxy S10 phone, you can set up the feature on your Galaxy S10 phone. You can also place your samsung galaxy earbuds on the back of the device to charge them. It’s smart, and we’ve seen it work seamlessly during our testing.

Charging case

The Samsung galaxy buds case is exceptionally compact. It can easily slide into your pocket while you’re listening. If you use the Samsung Gear IconX, you’ll notice that it is 30% smaller on last-gen earphones. The case is usually a snap-shut lid and holds the airbags in place when the magnets not used.

On the outside of the case, you will find a small LED that indicates how much battery the case has, while an internal LED on the case tells you how much charge your earbuds have left.

On the back of the case, there is a USB-C charger port – Galaxy Buds comes with a USB cable so you can charge the case. The mules themselves have six hours of battery life, while an additional seven provided for charging – which is pretty good for genuine wireless buds.

The Samsung Galaxy Wearable app will tell you how much battery you had when you let the rugs out of the case, but unlike Apple AirPods, it doesn’t tell you how much the charge is – instead you have to rely on the LED to tell you how much battery you have on the outside.

One of the most attractive features here is that you can wirelessly charge these headphones in their case. That means if you have a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad – if you have got one for your phone, it probably is – you can keep them, and they will charge.

Samsung galaxy buds vs AirPods

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are giving Apple AirPods a run for their money. These are ear-to-ear, truly wireless headphones like the AirPods. They have a magnetic charging case that can encourage you to go and integrate seamlessly with Galaxy phones. As opposed to the $ 159 price of the AirPods, the Samsung airpods price is $130. The price of Galaxy Mercury is also lower than the AirPods.

However, the specifications do not always tell the whole story. We tested these two buds to find out which ones come out on top. And the following review will help you decide which is right for you.

Samsung galaxy buds vs AirPods

The final verdict

Robust, yet stylish and with a modern flair, the Samsung Galaxy Boots make a strong first impression. Although the sound quality provided by this truly wireless bud is good with deep dips and a wide-open soundstage, audiophiles may want to look elsewhere for more natural sound treatment, as Galaxy Beds sounds too warm.

Six hours of battery life for Buds and seven hours for the case seemed right to us, and even though Samsung had connectivity issues before the latest software update, these issues have mostly fixed.

If you have a Samsung phone, Galaxy Buds is a great pair of true wireless earbuds, with a few quality-of-life features that make them confidently compete. If it isn’t, then you can skip these extra features, but the high sound quality, comfortable fit, and attractive design mean that these icons can be a smart purchase, even for the iOS crowd. So, Samsung galaxy buds best buy.


Are galaxy buds worth it?

These look decent, the battery life is good (about 6 hours at medium volume level), and USB-C wired, and wireless charging arranged for their compact charging. The bottom line, though, is that their sound first-rate isn’t wow. Galaxy Buds is worth considering if you own a Samsung Galaxy or Android phone.

Will there be a galaxy buds 2?

Galaxy Buds 2 may be releasing alongside Galaxy S11 smartphones at MWC2020 at the end of February all We will be in Barcelona for all time, so stay tuned.

Are the Samsung Galaxy buds waterproof?

Earbuds aren’t water resistant and not appropriate to be used in water. If they get a little sweat or rain, you should immediately clean them. When drying earbuds, drain earpieces, microphones, touchpads, touch sensors, and church contacts with a clean, soft cloth and remove as much water as possible.

Are Samsung Galaxy buds good for working out?

Whether you are in the gym or run, Galaxy Buds gives you complete and complete freedom thanks to their truly wireless design. You can expect an impressive six hours of use per charge, with the charging case offering an additional seven hours.

Are galaxy buds better than AirPods?

The AirPods may have a sleek design, but the Galaxy Buds fit better, and you don’t need to pay more for wireless charging. Samsung’s wireless charging, on the other hand, is all-inclusive and can be charged directly from any of the Galaxy S10 phones.

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