Urbanista London review

Urbanista London Wireless Review


  • Stylish looks & Decent sound
  • IPX4 water-resistance
  • Fit and comfortable
  • Very good ANC for the price


  • Mediocre call quality
  • There is no Bluetooth multipoint.

Urbanista London is a good quality inexpensive alternative to noise-cancelling wireless earbuds like the Apple AirPods Pro. It’s a smart, fashionable design that makes them ideal for us to be more style-conscious. Its sound quality is quite good, and the noise cancellation could be even better. If you are on a budget, it is not uncommon to find ANCs at these prices as they create good values.

Urbanista London, an inexpensive alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM3. On these wireless earbuds, Dark sapphire, midnight black, Rose Gold and Pearl White are available. With the Slick-USB-C charging case, Urbanista’s truth remains true with its calm, fashion-forward aesthetics. We loved the sheen as jewellery for these buds, and they stand out from the sea of ​​monochromatic earbuds on the market.

Urbanista London has an IPX4 water-resistance rating which means these buds can sweat a bit. London won’t break even if you get caught in the rain. It’s very easy to connect earbuds to your smartphone and thanks to Bluetooth 5 support. Its connection is strong and reliable. Urbanista London’s battery life comes to a total of 25 hours – five hours from the earbud, including the extra charge in its charging case. You’ll find three sized ear tips in the box, and we’ve got them that is very comfortable to wear.

The audio quality provided by Urbanista London is pleasantly surprising. A simple warm, well-balanced soundstage makes it almost impossible not to tap your toes while listening to these buds – a universal indicator of decent sound. For the price, the term is quite good, and certainly suitable for casual listeners.

Price and Release date of Urbanista London Active Noise Cancellation

Urbanista London was released on May 25, 2020, and is priced at $ 149, which is much cheaper than the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro is priced at $ 249, and with a similar design, Urbanista London could create a more affordable alternative to the Apple earbuds. It is quite budget-friendly compared to a lot of noise-cancelling earbuds on the market.

Design of Urbanista London

Urbanista London earbuds come in Dark sapphire, midnight black, Rose Gold and Pearl White. Urbanista London maintains the brand’s reputation for cool, colourful earbuds, which are simply fashion accessories compared to audio devices. These earbuds receive a few styles of signal from the AirPods Pro. Including its ear stems and silicone ear tips. While the choice of colours adds a welcome departure from Apple’s all-white aesthetic and adds satin sheen luxe to earbuds and charging cases, it feels like jewellery.

These ear stems are touch-sensitive. Can be used to control your music playback, call your device’s voice assistant, and answer calls. The controls were right using the touch of our experience.

The Urbanista London USB-C charging case is small enough to fit in your pocket easily. It comes with four LED rows under the palm, which gives you an indication of your remaining battery life. Open the case, and you’ll see magnetic pins that keep earbuds securely in their slots when not in use.

Among these slots, there is a pair of buttons that you need to hold to connect the buds via Bluetooth for the first time. Once these are connected, you need to open the charging case, and the buds will automatically be pairing to your phone, which is convenient.

We found that Urbanista London was very comfortable to wear even during long listening sessions. With a choice of three ear tip sizes, you’ll see that they fit snugly in your ears. It has an IPX4 water resistance rating. These wireless earbuds can be used during workouts.

urbanista-voice-callingAudio performance

With a 10mm driver on each of its earbuds, Urbanista London’s proposed sound profile is usually warm and balanced if not super dynamic and lively. With the move to livelier Kyoto, the isolation of distorted guitars and crashing drums with Kitscky flute tunes seemed very flat. There was plenty of room for each material to shine.

Urbanista London is not the most superb sounding earbud on the market, but most people will like them. There is plenty of basses, and they work reasonably well to balance mids and high frequencies. That provides an idea of ​​perfection, especially as low frequencies offer such a strong floor.

We still think they can do better to provide clarity and accuracy, especially through the highs, which seem to tone down excessively. But overall, it’s an improvement, and we think it’s safe to rate them as “enough” to listen to most casual music.

Noise cancellation and microphone performance

The noise cancellation provided by Urbanista London is quite limited, but it blocks some environmental noise. If you are also listening to music, you should find that you can listen relatively uninterruptedly. They are not the equivalent of a Sony WF-1000XM3 or AirPods Pro. But Urbanista London has done quite well for the price.

Regarding the quality of the microphone, we found that our voice was taken correctly when using earbuds to summon Google Assistant. The calls seemed clear enough to talk to friends while using its needs.

Battery life and connection

Urbanista London’s battery life comes to a total of 25 hours. That is five hours from the earbuds with the extra charge of his charging case. That is no different than the battery life provided by the AirPods Pro. However, Urbanista London is significantly cheaper. That does not mean that 25 hours is particularly impressive; Budget-friendly Lypertek Tevi boasts a 70-hour battery life, for example.

Thanks for supporting Bluetooth 5. The connections to Urbanista London are very good, and they are incredibly easy to pair. Once these are connected, they will attach to your device when you open the charging case. You can turn the ANC on and off, as well as activate the ambient mode, but only Siri fully supports when it comes to voice assistants.

urbanista-london-caseCharging case

The charging case is a departure from Apple’s design – but it’s mostly a good thing. It has an excellent, round-corner clamp-shell shape with a visible battery life LED indicator under the front lip. Thanks to the magnets that open the door easily and close tightly, they are perfectly balanced in their strength. With slightly larger overall dimensions, it’s not as pocketable as the Apple charging case. But it is very close, and it has virtually the same weight.

The earbuds are much easier to pop in and out of their recessed docks than the AirPods Pro – and are kept while sitting. The case uses a modern USB-C connector for wired charging. But there’s also wireless charging – just set the case on top of a Qi-compatible mat.


Urbanista London should be slam-dunk considering their relatively low price and available ANC. They certainly get a lot of things right, especially in terms of design, fit and comfort. These buds come in a deadly handsome, exclusive colour palette that makes your personality look better than a pair of AirPods. Urbanista, London feels very comfortable to wear for a long time. These make it ideal for long-distance travel as well as excellent work. However, these are not cheap true wireless earbuds. But these are not the most expensive either – and a good price for noise-cancelling earbuds.

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